What is the IPQ?

The Individual Project Qualification (IPQ) is a project qualification administered by the Independent Schools Examination Board, who oversees the Common Entrance examinations that our pupils sit in Year 8.

This individual qualification is assessed through a project chosen and developed by the pupil over a period of approximately 15-20 weeks, supervised and supported by a teacher. Last year we had some breathtaking projects – from campaign videos and websites, to stop motion animation, to models, to books, to magazine articles, to computer games – we’ve had it all!


How does the IPQ work within the Banda curriculum?

The IPQ is carried out by our Year 7 pupils. Their result will sit alongside their Common Entrance Results – pupils are awarded a Pass, Merit, or Distinction. The pupils spend time during their English lessons each week in which they are guided in their preparation for the IPQ and focus on developing questioning, research, and presentation skills.

Why do we complete the IPQ at The Banda?

  • The IPQ gives pupils the opportunity to develop skills not developed in the traditional academic curriculum. These are skills that include research, investigation, discussion, presentation that pupils develop by setting up their own lines of enquiry in a topic that really interests them.
  • Senior Schools that our pupils go on to have shown great interest in the IPQ. Year 8 pupils from The Banda have discussed and presented their IPQs during their interviews for senior schools (e.g. Sherborne School, Malvern College, King’s Bruton, Shrewsbury School, St. Andrew’s Turi).
  • The level of engagement and enjoyment from The Banda pupils has been high – evidenced in the final presentations.

What is the impact of the IPQ at The Banda?

The IPQ builds the confidence, independence, and self-esteem of pupils in school.  However, the impact of the IPQ is also felt outside the school.  A number of previous projects – including a lending library designed and built for a residential area; a drip-feed irrigation system to support small scale farming; a book on the birds of Nairobi and their effect on the ecosystem – have already had an impact on and been appreciated by both the local and the wider community.

I think it’s wonderful that the children in your school are able to pursue their greatest passions and recieve a grade for that.

Christine Odhlambo, CEO, African Fund for Endangered Wildlife

Find ISEB’s summary of the IPQ and more on the following links; IPQ Synopsis, IPQ Mark Scheme and ISEB Project Qualification – further information.

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