Welcome to Pegasus Early Years!

Our spacious and welcoming learning environment in Pegasus Early Years is the perfect setting for our youngest pupils to start their educational journey and develop the all-important love of socialising and play.

Learning begins in our bright and stimulating classrooms, and is enhanced through the numerous events that take place throughout the year, some of which are combined with the main school.

These include:

  • Fun Mornings
  • Festivals such as Chinese New Year, Easter, Christmas and Eid
  • Family Picnics
  • International Days
  • Themed Days – this can include Colours, Books Days, Heroes and Environmental Days
  • Sports events showcase our children’s key skill development in a non-competitive environment
  • Concerts and plays providing an opportunity for children to perform in front of an audience. Our annual Pegasus Early Years play involves all of the children in a major production.