As a British Curriculum School, our teaching is entirely in line with modern British Prep Schools in the UK.

Subjects and in-depth subject knowledge are important but so are thinking skills, creativity and enquiry-based learning. So through a pupil’s career at The Banda, the core academic subjects of Common Entrance have been finely balanced with project work, investigation, and wider reading taking pupils beyond the confines of the curriculum.

  • In Pegasus Early Years we have successfully implemented the Early Years Foundation Stage and Early Learning Goals, which are designed to help children acquire and develop fundamental learning skills.
  • In Key Stage 1 and 2, we adhere closely to the National Curriculum guidelines, adapting the syllabi where necessary to ensure that it is relevant to the children in the environment in which they live.
  • At the start of Year 6, we begin to study the 13+ Common Entrance Syllabus in all academic subjects, preparing our children for the transition to their nominated Secondary Schools, whether they be in Kenya, South Africa, the UK or elsewhere. This includes, in Year 7, the Individual Project Qualification (IPQ) and culminates in the 13+ Common Entrance examinations at the end of Year 8.

Great teachers, support and happy kids.

Current Banda Parent