Extras and Trips

Our broad curriculum ensures a range of learning opportunities within the classroom, but is enhanced through all that is on offer beyond the classroom walls.


In order to ensure a breadth of experience and the chance for all pupils to find their own specific talents or skills, these experiences are enhanced through an extensive programme of extra curricular activities.

From sporting Extras such as tennis, running, golf and squash, to taekwondo, pottery, drama (LAMDA), art, choirs, coding, scientific Extras and Planet Warriors, we are sure that all our pupils will find something that appeals to them and enables them to develop skills beyond their day-to-day classroom learning. Extras may take place before the school day, at lunch time, or at the end of the school day, and some require additional payment. Parents will guided as to how to sign up online for Extras at the start of each term.


Many of a child’s most significant memories will be acquired when they are challenged and placed outside their comfort zones. Our school trips provide opportunities to take risks, to experience new challenges and, often, to see pupils in a whole new light.

A huge variety of trips are organised every term for pupils including local day trips for the younger children and a range of overnight trips for the older children. In the Upper School many trips are linked to the Geography syllabus but also offer the important opportunity of providing a bonding experience for the year group. A highlight is the Mount Kenya climb at the start of Year 8 – a trip that will certainly create lifelong memories and sees our pupils push themselves to their own personal limits.

It is our hope that these experiences enable our pupils to grow and develop into confident young people who are not frightened or intimidated about stepping out into the world.