Pupil Voice

Children are curious – full of questions and full of ideas.

Allowing pupils to be heard and, importantly, to act on what they say, is essential to ensuring that they feel appreciated and involved in the school community.

Student Council

Our Student Council represents pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 and, through regular meetings, ensures that ideas, concerns and initiatives can be shared. Recently for example, designs for ‘quiet tables’ have been put together and, with the help of our PTA, constructed ready for placement around the school. Valuable ideas regarding food, uniform and playtimes for example are regularly shared and acted on.

Planet Warriors

Many of our pupils share a passion for doing what they can to help their local environment, and this group gives them the opportunity to come together and work on initiatives that they feel can make a difference. Recently, this has involved working with a local charity, Friends of Oloolua Forest, to pick up litter in a local forested area.

Prefects & House Captains

Year 8 pupils take on positions of responsibility every year. Not only do they carry out various duties around the school but they are also an important link between the staff and the pupil body. Their ideas and feedback are welcomed in regular lunches with the Head and Deputy Head, as well as during informal chats with members of staff.