At the Banda, we understand the importance of praise and of giving credit where it is due. Stars, Head’s Awards, ‘Neat Work Books’ and a variety of certificates are given out throughout the course of the term, all helping to boost self-esteem. 

Our system of badges helps to encourage positive behaviour and motivation and may be awarded at any point during the academic year. Badges are awarded as follows:

Citizenship Badge

A Bronze, Silver and Gold badge can be awarded during the course of the Lower School and again during the pupils’ time in the Upper School. It is awarded to those who consistently show that they care about the feelings and rights of others; show concern for the safety and well-being of others; and show consideration for the needs of their community.

Merit Badge

In the Lower School this is awarded for exceptional hard work and achievement (at the child’s expected level) in all areas of the curriculum.

In the Upper School, Merit Badges are awarded in the areas of: Art, Music, Drama, Academics and the various different sports. Pupils can be awarded one in each area during Year 5 and 6 and another during Year 7 and 8.


Colours are awarded to pupils in Year 8 for excellence in Art, Drama, Music, Academics, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Hockey, Cross Country, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Squash and Golf. Pupils will receive this accolade only once in each area.