Read below a sample of our 2023 April Term school newsletters:

Spirit of the Banda – Week 01

This half of term our value is ‘Respect’ and this morning’s assembly was linked to this by focusing on the need to avoid forming judgements of people before really getting to know them. In assembly I also took great pride in congratulating the children for the wonderful impression they gave during our inspection last term and for the fact that their excellent behaviour was commented on so positively in the report.

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Spirit of the Banda – Week 02

I would like to wish our Year 8 pupils the very best of luck as they prepare for their French Oral Common Entrance examinations next week. I know they have been working extremely hard. Also to The Banda’s Chess Team who will be taking part in tomorrow’s IAPS Chess Tournament at Braeburn. Finally, we were all entertained in assembly this morning. Mr Sheehy gave us an insight into what we can expect at the Coronation of King Charles III this weekend. It was both informative and entertaining! I do hope everyone watching from Kenya will enjoy tomorrow’s historical occasion and have an enjoyable weekend.

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Spirit of the Banda – Week 03

I am very grateful to Dr Bethany Elms who ran a workshop yesterday afternoon for some of our Year 7 parents. Navigating the transition into the teenage years can be challenging – for both children and parents – and her advice was very valuable. We are all aware that one of the most important things we can give our children is the one thing that actually doesn’t cost us anything, and that’s our time. Time that is focused and uninterrupted is not always easy to find, but in conversation with some of our pupils here at school, it is so often the thing they value the most. We are guilty of allowing our phones, our jobs and our many commitments to dominate our lives at home, but even short bursts of uninterrupted time with our children is so very beneficial. Allow yourself some of this time over the weekend.

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Spirit of the Banda – Week 04

On Monday the drummers were on show as they performed at our annual Drum Concert. Again, some impressive performances were a real credit to Timothy Kaberia and the Music Department. Still focussing on creative arts, yesterday’s performance of Macbeth by the Year 7s was both highly creative and enjoyable as we all followed the performance around the school. Every child in Year 7 was involved and many used original Shakespearian language.

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Spirit of the Banda – Week 05

The Under 13 Rugby Team must be congratulated for an outstanding performance at last weekend’s IAPS Tournament at Hillcrest. They played very well indeed, showing some excellent skill. They were runners up of the tournament and Teshan Waire was deservedly awarded Player of the Tournament. It was an exciting morning of rugby and well done to all who took part! On the same day our musicians also did us proud at the Peponi Chamber Music Festival. They had worked hard and performed together very well indeed. We listened to them in assembly on Monday and I am delighted that so many of our pupils are seizing the opportunity to play instruments.

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