School-wide events and charity focus days highlight the school’s community spirit and are fun for pupils, staff and families and the greater community. 

Special events such as Book Weeks and Environment Day and the various Charity Days help to enrich the curriculum and the day to day experience of pupils. Occasionally we seize on spontaneity when an opportunity arises to share time with inspiring visitors. This has included an alumni with their Olympic Gold Medal and a 16 year old who dropped into The Banda when he landed in Nairobi on his successful quest to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world.

Our very active PTA (Parent Teacher Association) enhances this through their organisation of social events for parents, teachers and pupils. The PTA representatives serve as a very useful point of contact for new families as they integrate into their new community.

Partnerships within our local community are so beneficial and through our community engagement and charitable work pupils, teachers and pupils are able to share expertise, energy and facilities for the benefit of all within the local area and in more extreme areas of Kenya.

Fantastic school ethos, spirit and community.

Current Parent