Values & Mission

The well-being of our children is at the forefront of all we do at The Banda, both within the way our staff nurture and care for the pupils and through our encouragement of the pupils to support each other.

Half-termly values such as ‘kindness’, ‘courage’ and ‘resilience’ are highlighted and celebrated throughout the school, helping to embed the important responsibility we have to look after both ourselves and those around us.

Our Mission Statement, ‘We Give All Our Children Wings and Teach Them How to Fly’ guides all that we do as we strive to bring out the very best in our pupils and is linked to our long-standing school motto ‘Arduus ad Stellas’ – reach for the stars!

At the Banda we know what we’re aiming for, and with the help of the pupils we have come up with the following acronym to help us all remember the key points that lie at the heart of what we are trying to achieve:

B – Building (knowledge, resilience, relationships)

A – Acceptance (of myself and others)

N – Nurturing (of ourselves, others, our talents)

D – Dreams (dream big, aim high)

A – Appreciation (of myself, others and our environment)