About Us

On the edge of Nairobi National Park, in the suburb of Langata, you will find The Banda School, a school with a long history of success which stands out as one of the leading IAPS British Prep Schools outside of the UK.

Our large campus allows pupils space to play, space to learn and, importantly, is a space in which children are encouraged to be themselves.

The spirit of The Banda is one of nurture, of success and of warmth. We are incredibly proud of our pupils who exhibit an undoubted desire to do well in all they do, along with a sense of fun and a readiness to laugh and engage positively with those around them. Our aim is to keep confidence levels high amongst all our pupils – from this comes the reward of individual success across all the various aspects of school life, from inside the classroom, to the sports fields, performance spaces and when interacting with friends at playtime.

A warm welcome awaits you at The Banda and whilst you will gain a feel for the school from our website, please do come and visit us. We will be happy to arrange a visit of the school which is tailored to the needs of you and your children – please get in touch.

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Knowledge is the foundation; what pupils do with it is magic. We aim to develop enquiring minds, self-confidence and a range of skills.

Deputy Head Academic