House System

Our long-standing House system is a valued part of school life and we have four vibrant and committed House teams in which all pupils and staff are very involved.

There are four Houses named after animals in Kiswahili. Each House has its own colour.

  • Duma (cheetah) wear blue
  • Simba (lion) wear red
  • Swara (antelope) wear yellow
  • Twiga (giraffe) wear green

Each pupil from Reception to Year 8 are placed in one of four Houses. These Houses form the basis of various inter-house competitions and events that cover a broad range of activities throughout the year. These may include cooking, sports matches and swimming as well as organising House charity days to support the school pupils’ nominated annual charities. During our Flight Programme (Co-Curricular Programme) on Friday afternoons, pupils are grouped with others from their House and can experience a range of different activities which are non-competitive.

House points can be awarded through the various inter-house events as well as through stars gained for academic work. These are totalled at the end of term and Lower School and Upper School pupils in the overall winning House attend the “Cockhouse Party” which takes place at the end of the first week of the following term.

House Leaders include a nominated Staff Leader, and other staff members who are assigned to a School House. House Captains from Year 8 are appointed and announced at the start of the academic year. Similarly, from Year 4 Lower School House Captains are appointed. With an established Alumni and now receiving second generation pupils, The Banda does everything possible to ensure, where known and requested, that families are allocated to the same House in order to continue the House Spirit.