We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning. With small classes we are able to extend the most able to academic excellence whilst also supporting the less able.

The academic curriculum, based upon the National Curriculum of England & Wales in Years 1 to 4 is split into two key stages:

Key Stage 1 includes pupils at 5 to 7 years of age in Years 1 and 2. The core subjects are Mathematics, English and Science taught by their class teacher, who also teaches Humanities and Personal Social Health Education. The children have specialist teachers for French, Kiswahili, Music, Computing, PE and Games. Key Stage 2 broadens and deepens the thinking in the core subjects for the 7 to 9 year olds. The children are introduced to additional specialist teachers for Art and Design Technology.

All our children have an extra phonics session each day where in Years 1 and 2 new sounds are introduced and constantly consolidated. In Years 3 and 4 that changes to an additional lesson on either phonics or grammar according to what may benefit the pupil. To ensure each child’s needs are catered for, we deliver high quality, differentiated lessons and work closely with our Learning Development Centre. Children are grouped by ability for Mathematics, spelling and phonics to ensure they are taught at a pace and level most suitable to achieve and progress.

Topic work may be theme based and linked creatively to our Art curriculum so that our children get a real feel for the subject they are studying or a visit to a local establishment related to their learning. This has included visiting the Arboretum, a Hindu temple and Browns Cheese making factory. Consolidating learning with a themed activity day such as Kenya Day, or simply throwing powder paint to celebrate the Festival of Holi brings the experience of learning to life. In Years 3 and 4 those experiences involve re-enacting the life of an Egyptian or Ancient Greek, or becoming an evacuee in World War Two. The culmination of all their hard work in the Lower School is rewarded by attending an outward bound residential trip to celebrate the conclusion of their Lower School years!