The Banda’s Flight programme is a new, bespoke, enrichment curriculum with something for everyone. With academic, social and pastoral benefits, Flight provides opportunity and challenge for pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 with a three weekly rotation of activities. Flight allows our staff to share their passions outside the classroom through providing a range of activities linked to their areas of expertise. 

Linked to our school mission statement, ‘We give our children wings, and teach them how to fly’, the different activities offered in the Flight programme cover a range of areas which help to prepare our pupils for life beyond The Banda.

F – Future Learning

Planet Warriors tackle sustainable environmental issues around the school grounds; Headspace promotes a healthy mental and physical state; Healthy Habits says: ‘Ready, Steady, Create,’ and considers good healthy habits and Banda Broadcasters research and prepare news stories for distribution.

L – Life Learning

Apothecary sparks interest in Science, Maths and the daily life of a Pharmacist; Banda Skeptics enjoy debating and arguing against the claims of others; Wholesome Amigos have their own positive goals and work towards making them come true; Fundi Club creates and makes and Banda Bush Guides build a relationship with nature through learning survival techniques.

I – Inspiring Others

Beyond Banda Borders provides a community outreach programme by planning and delivering a programme of fun for less privileged school children; The Banda POD teaches how to record, edit and publish a podcast; Banda Comics involves visual storytelling through creating comics and graphic novels.

G – Grasping New Skills

Sign Language involves learning to make and understand basic sign language and communicate with others; Simply Sums invites you to become a problem-solver with interactive geometry puzzles; Baking offers simple baking ideas that the kids will love and want to practise at home and Chinese Club provides the first steps towards chatting to others in Mandarin.

H – Harnessing Passions

Broadway Bandits cover everything involved in producing a live staged performance; Travelling the World – from zoos and landmarks to famous museums, go explore the world virtually! African music – teaching the rhythms and moods with the basis of African music, the drum! Bird Watching will fire up your powers of observation as you learn about bird friendly habitats, how to attract birds and finally spot them; and Stop Motion Fun teaches how to create a successful stop motion movie.

T – Train and Play

Ultimate Sports is an opportunity to experience an extreme sport thrill; Water Sports includes activities and ways to get active in or on the water; Worth a Tri? provides training in a sprint triathalon; Zen Den inspires Yoga exercises, stretches and poses; and Banda’s Grand Masters takes your chess to the next level as well as offering other board games.