Yr 7 Trip - Malewa 2016

Year 7 set off to Malewa for their final trip of the year on Monday with the objective of collecting river data for the Geography Common Entrance Coursework. The children had to work hard to climb up through the dense vegetation and river bed to find a place to collect their first set of results, but they were also rewarded with a dunk in a plunge pool. With the river being fairly low, we were successful in collecting a good set of results at three different stages of the river. 

Whilst away, the children wrote a first draft of the Introduction and Methodology for the coursework and spent time preparing for their exams next week with a couple of revision sessions. We also found time to play a few games, swim and splash about in the river and hear a few scary stories!

Malewa Bush Ventures was again a great destination for the river study and the children love the big open campsite to run around in. Miss Withill, Miss Lewis and I were very impressed with the whole Year 7 group who cooperated very well, worked hard and were a polite and fun group to be away with. Well done to the whole year group.


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