Year 6 Trip - April 2016

At the end of Week 10, Year 6 headed for Nakuru and their two night camping trip at Punda Milia’s. After a quick break at Delamere’s, we arrived for lunch, set up our tents and then headed for the pool. That afternoon we had a treasure hunt, played some team building games and found some time to wash before dinner. 

On Thursday we set off for Menangai Crater. The children had a chance to remind themselves of the Volcanoes work we covered at the beginning of the term and we went for a short walk around the crater rim. The here we went to visit some caves. The caves are sacred to the local people and used as a place of worship. It was so dark inside that we couldn’t actually see the corners of the cave without torch light which caused much nervous laughter and a few panicked screams!

It was so hot that after leaving the cave we headed straight for camp. Most of the children jumped in the pool to cool down and because of the heat we were pretty limited to what we could do for the next few hours. When it did cool down a bit we played more games and made the most of being away.

Although it was incredibly hot, it was another very good trip and it was great to see Year 6 becoming more independent and mature whilst away. Very well done to all of the children and thanks to Mrs Viljoen, Miss Yates and Miss Harrison for their support on the trip.

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