A Sea of Yellow

The lovable animated characters were the theme from School Houses Simba and Twiga organizing a mufti day in support of one of this year’s school charities: Ewaso Lions.

A sea of yellow clothes caught the fancy of young and old alike at The Banda School on Friday 26th February 2016. From the tiny steps of Pegasus Early Years through the Lower and Upper school to the staff room, the Minions dazzled in their moment in the spotlight.

The Minions overtook hymn practice, attended lessons taught by other Minions and even the clueless villain, Gru whom the Minions serve, was available in English and Drama lessons.  The language of the day was amended to include the Minions own Banana Language.  Did you know “Bello!” is “Hello!”  “Me want Banana,” is “I am hungry” and “Luk at tu!” is “Look at you!”

At the end of week assembly the Minions from 5SH shared how they were introduced to the world through the 2010 animation film Despicable Me.  Clips from the movie were aired and 5SH shared the relationship between these loveable creatures and four of The Banda’s values: teamwork, perseverance, positivity and loyalty/friendship.

Honorary Minions were recognized for their creative costumes with three pupils at Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 acknowledged as best dressed.  Their prize: to have a Minion of their own to do anything they wish at break and lunch time for one day!  Two Year 8 prefects and our Head of Science will be compliant.  Under 13 best dressed Cameron Destro confirmed his Minion will be “completing my homework and eating my vegetables at lunch!”

The Banda School has a charities committee with representatives from each year group.  Each year the Year 8’s nominate their own charities and have a sales ‘pitch’ from which the Upper School and Staff vote.  The most popular 3 charities are then selected and supported throughout that academic year.  This year’s charities are: KIMMTA, The Lunchbowl Network and Ewaso Lions. 

Ewaso Lions projects conserve Kenya’s lions and other large carnivores by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. They use sound science and education to foster support for conservation and help guide the long-term conservation management of lions in protected areas and on private lands. 

The grand total of nearly Kes 30,000/= was raised with all proceeds going to this worthy cause.   Tank yu!  Simba and Twiga for your great organization behind this mufti day!  And with that, it is Poopaye! (Goodbye!) from the Minions.

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