On Saturday 31st October over 50 children from KIMMTA in Kibera visited The Banda for the third annual Sports Morning.

They were hosted by 28 volunteer children from Years 7 and 8 for an action packed morning of fun and games. The relationship between KIMMTA and The Banda has been built up over the past nearly 10 years, since Vincent Kegode, founder of KIMMTA, spent a year working with The Banda PE department. Since then we have had a strong link with this fabulous education centre, and have helped them to grow from one small rented premises to owning their own site in Kibera with three purpose built classrooms. We continue to support KIMMTA in many ways, not least trying to offer their children opportunities for new and exciting experiences.

There was a fabulous atmosphere throughout the morning on Saturday, with the KIMMTA and Banda children playing and laughing together throughout. They took part in games such as dodgeball, tag rugby and some great team building activities.

At the end of the morning the KIMMTA children were thrilled to be given an extensive picnic lunch and sodas thanks to some generous contributions from The Banda parents. The children who volunteered to take part on Saturday were an absolute credit to the school; they were welcoming, friendly and engaging.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this year's KIMMTA Sports Morning.

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