Mt Kenya 2015

Lording it up on top of the Mountain

The Year 8s had a hugely successful trip to Mount Kenya.  Every child made it to the summit to celebrate what was a bitterly cold and testing adventure.

The journey took us to places we never thought existed.  The beautiful landscape was a great backdrop for our camp sites where we lay in our tents listening to all manners of noises, conversations and rustling from the children and parents!  It was tough but the children were incredible.  They battled through with even the mountain guides being impressed with their fortitude.  The whole of Year 8 made it to the top as effortlessly as a Lord inspecting his grounds.  A huge thank you to all the parents.  They really got into the spirit of the trip, assisting the teachers and children all the way through.  Another epic journey completed with memories of nightly medical kit checks, games at camp and golden pants.  The Year 8s conquered this challenge and now there is no doubt they are ready for the challenge of the academic year ahead.

- S. Ammora

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