Summer Trip 2015

Summer Trip 2015 - As narrated by three of the children and their teacher

At the end of last term, The Banda ran its first summer trip. Eighteen adventurous souls set off to Laikipia for an action packed week of exploration. In that time, everyone in the group enjoyed new experiences, developed their independence and excelled at representing The Banda and their families. I was immensely proud of all of the children throughout the week. We were away for 8 days and fully exhausted ourselves with every opportunity that came our way. We pushed the boundaries and stepped out of our comfort zones, but the children never tired of soaking up each and every moment. Activities ranged from fully hands on farm work (including dehorning and branding calves), wild camping, attending lessons at the local school and planting fruit trees with the children, singing and dancing in the local Turkana village, camel trekking and generally having a huge amount of fun!

- Chris Daubney


What's not to love about this:  fly camping in the middle of The Laikipia Plains, obstacle courses with tyres and rocks, zip lining, swinging on tyres, climbing rocks, and jumping into the pool, riding camels, milking camels, abseiling, herding sheep and goats, tubing, tracking wildlife, watching elephants, jumping off rocks, mud fights and climbing around waterfalls. Fly camping was sleeping under a mosquito net so it felt like you were sleeping in the open. The obstacle course was so fun; this was zip lining, swinging on tyres, crawling through tyres, climbing rocks, and jumping into the pool. It was so much fun that Sarah and I did it three times. We fed goats worm dawa and then herded them, we also got to carry really cute baby goats. The first fly camp was my favorite, we did abseiling, climbed a kopje, tracked wildlife and watched elephants from across the river, jumped off rocks into the river, and climbed around the waterfall. At the second fly camp we went tubing but the river was really low so we got stuck a lot. Everyone rode camels to the third and last fly camp and the camel behind me was really grumpy. When we got there we had a huge mud fight and that was really fun. We met Paula and Joy from Hands Off our Elephants and I learnt how much they really do to help stop poaching.

- Emily Mclean


The summer expedition was an amazing experience. It was the best trip I have ever taken. I really want to do it all over again. I had so much fun. It was an experience that helped me be a more independent person and if you go on it hopefully you will become independent too. My favourite part of the trip was all of it. I loved the camp, I loved fly camping, I loved the obstacle course, riding camels, jumping off rocks, climbing around the waterfall, abseiling, playing football with the kids at their school, herding sheep and goats, holding lambs and swimming. There was so much to offer I wanted to stay longer. I really liked Amanda and John for being great hosts and doing so much for us. The people around camp were really kind and funny. This is not an experience that you should miss out on. We all had a good laugh, David fell off the climbing frame right away, I fell off a small rock, Ismail never stopped talking in the mini bus. This is a trip that is definitely worth going on. Thank you Mr Daubney and Miss Bennett for making this trip an amazing one.

- Sarah de la Harpe


The summer trip was really fun. I really enjoyed it. We did lots of things and one of the best things was abseiling. We did the abseiling down a big rock by a river. Also on the trip we were on camels a lot of the time. I shared a camel and we got quite bored so we did A LOT of singing. The scariest part about the camel was when the camel stood up or sat down. Towards the end of the trip we slaughtered a goat and then we skinned it then we let it sit. After that we chopped it into small cubes and put it into a mincing machine and added herbs and spices and minced it, then we put the mince into a different machine which shot out this long sausage. We then rolled the sausage which made lots of little sausages. Thank you very much Mr Daubney and Miss Bennett.

- Leo Haywood


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