Year 7 Malewa Trip


On Tuesday 2nd June 2015, Year 7 visited Malewa to carry out their rivers study for the Geography coursework, part of the Geography Common Entrance Exam. Having arrived in good time, we used the afternoon to make a start on the project, deciding on our hypotheses and writing an introduction.

On Wednesday we walked out across the plains through herds of eland and zebra and up into the gorge to start our data collection. It was a hot climb up to the plunge pool, so we rewarded ourselves with a quick swim to cool off. We then collected data at two different sites on our way back down through the gorge.

The afternoon ended with heavy rain and hail storm which meant we were able to get some more of the written work completed. The children knew this would be a work trip and were fantastic at sitting down and getting on with the work. They also had revision sessions after supper which were very productive with all working hard.

The children were exceptional on the trip, they had worked hard and completed a good amount of project write up and revision for the time that we were away. Thank you to Miss Conn and Miss Withill for staffing the trip.



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