Becoming divergents

At The Banda School, every year group have their own unique quirks. They develop their own ways to communicate such as Rory and his whistling, or their own private jokes - 'Chilli Dip' (you will have to ask Allan about that one). This year's group of pupils were no different.

On Monday, 8th June 2015, the Year 8s arrived in Sagana as a bunch of kids prepared and ready to break new horizons, they left as a team of Divergents. New skills, new confidence and old fears broken.

The children were great; they all tried everything without hesitation and continued to be great ambassadors for The Banda School, even though their camp fire skits were bordering on the surreal. Mrs. Coate and I had a great time with them and they helped us break some of our own fears too - the fear of sleeping by ourselves at night. Without the Year 8s we would have been like Mrs. Coate's white water rafting - up the Tana without a paddle! Well done to all involved, roll on to the next adventure with this bunch of Divergents.



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