Y6 Trip - Jan 2015

Year 6 enjoyed the annual trip to Naivasha in Week 3.

After a slow journey out of the city we finally reached the escarpment and headed straight to Hell’s Gate. We were guided down into the gorge and stopped to discuss the processes involved in its formation. We all had a lot of fun scrambling over the rocks and finding the hot springs, some of us getting much wetter than others!

Before heading to our campsite we also visited the spa pool. The children splashed about whilst complaining about the smell of rotten egg. On arrival at the campsite, a heavy downpour subsided and allowed us to put our tents up in dry weather.

On Thursday, 22nd, we climbed up Mt. Longonot. The children were exceptional and all made it to the top in very good time and in one group. This gave us some time to wander around the crater before heading back down. Once back at camp, we ordered our pizza for the evening and then sat down to carry out some Geography and History revision. The pizza was a grand reward for having to revise on a trip!

Well done, Year 6 for your effort and I look forward to the next trip away with you. Thank you too, Mrs Viljoen, Miss Moorhead and Mr Gardner for giving up your time to come on the trip.

C. Daubney

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