French Day 2015

Friday, 16th January 2015, was The Banda French Day. The entire school was abuzz with excitement.

The pupils and some teachers wore colourful and inspired costumes that they painstakingly made for the Fancy Dress competition. Some of our favourite were Marie Antoinette, a huge snail and a Mime. Those without costumes were dressed in the French flag colours. A French moustache could be spotted here and there.

Pupils were treated to a typical French lunch created by Mala and her team, with Boeuf Bourguignon, haricots verts, pommes de terre and baguette followed by fromage and tartes aux fraises. Teachers also got fully involved by incorporating a French theme into their lessons.

We all had a marvelous time and look forward to the next occasion to celebrate all that is French. À la prochaine!

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