Year 5's day out

On Monday, 12th January, over 40 excited Year 5 children loaded onto the buses and went for a trip to Deepa Industries (Tropical Heat) to see how the factory produces its products, and as part of their project on spices.

We were warmly welcomed by the company and went round the factory in groups watching crisps, peanuts and rice cakes being made. We also saw how the spices were packed into their containers.

Having walked around the factory and listened to the presentations from the company, the children (and staff) tucked in the goodies, purely in the interest of quality control. We then headed back to school to try and cram in some of Mala’s delicious lunch.

It was a great trip and I would like to thank Deepa Industries for helping run this educational visit. The children were also very well behaved and represented the school so well

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