Mt Kenya Trip

The journey in numbers; 32 excited children, 11 determined parents, 4 frightened teachers, 4 patient guides and a lot of inexhaustible porters.

The Year 8s conquered Mt Kenya in style.

At least the first 30 minutes were dry. The conditions on the final push to the top could not have been better. Sunshine, no wind and all children too tired to speak. Perfect conditions!

The children were incredible over the whole 5 days. They became more battle hardened as the weather got worse. They picked up the pace as the ground turned into a quagmire of mud and waterfalls. The guides could not believe how supportive the Year 8s were to one another (not to mention how astounded at how loud they were), something they had never seen before! Unfortunately, the children started to sing when the going got really tough, in spite of all my efforts!

The parents were stalwarts; constantly encouraging, cajoling and harassing the children up that small hill. A huge thanks to Mrs Shah, Miss Hockey and Mr Swift who were on top of everything, even through the dark times of cold long drops.

We began the adventure as individuals, we left the hill as comrades in arms. A fantastic experience.

S. Ammora


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