Joining Hands

The Banda received Pastor George Marsha on Friday 29th September when he accepted the school’s donation of 100 school desks and chairs to The Solace Education Centre, Hedemu village, Kaloleni, Kilifi.  

Offering education services to children in the outlying regions of Kilifi County, The Solace Education Centre provides primary level education services to a population, most of whom are poor.  High illiteracy levels amongst the children, growth of traditional customs, coupled with early marriages for girls: the word ‘Solace’ means to comfort, to support and to give relief.

Key challenges for the school include: “the overcrowding of children onto a single desk which makes learning slow.” The Banda believes, in donating the desks and chairs, it will support one of the central aims of The Solace Education Centre: “to improve the facilities in their school.”

Representing The Banda School, Mr Boniface Macharia and Mrs Karen Morey met Pastor Marsha who officially received the donated desks and chairs.  

Every child in Kenya deserves the best opportunities for their education.  The Solace Education Centre seeks to make it possible for children in the outlying regions of Kilifi to access the same opportunities as the children in other areas in Kenya.  The Banda hopes its donation will support The Solace Education Centre and also improve the children better learning opportunities.


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