Year 5 Bonding

An exciting start to the upper school for year 5 included a bonding year group trip in the first week of the new academic year to Swara plains, a beautiful piece of unspoilt Africa savannah. 

Thirty-six kilometres from Nairobi, Year 5 started their time in the Upper School with an action packed over-night trip to Swara Plains.  Situated on the Kapiti Plains opposite the rugged LuKenya Hill, Acacia Camp and the surrounding sanctuary hosts a resident population of over 3,000 game animals and over 280 identified bird species.  For us, as we arrived mid-morning we saw about seven different species of animals on our drive-in, through the conservancy including zebra, eland, oryx, giraffe, ostrich and numerous antelope.  This was not too bad considering we were approaching the mid-day heat when the animals look for shade.  

Very comfortable rustic accommodation awaited us and after settling into our rooms the children had some fun in the playground area.  A super lunch was provided at the camp and then the afternoon activities awaited us including teambuilding games.  A little competitive element crept into the spirit as we competed in our new Forms for the year.   One of our tasks included making made some imaginative nature sculptures, which involved going into the bush and finding leaves, sticks, and shrubbery from which our pieces would be sculpted.  
Late afternoon and we headed off to the dam that had some water in it. Our children were able to swim in the dam and had far too much fun in the mud.  Back at the camp we were provided with a delicious dinner reminiscent of good home cooking after which we retired to our rooms and relaxed, falling asleep to the external night sounds including the very noisy tree hyraxes. 

The following morning fuelled up on a full-cooked breakfast we set of with our guide on a Nature Walk. The guide explained about the entire flora and fauna found in Swara Plains.  The children were given Spotting Bingo cards and were tasked with attempting to seek various animals, animal tracks and objects to complete their cards. 

Congratulations to all the members of Year 5 for adapting to a night away and for fully involving yourselves in all the activities.  We all, pupils and teachers including Mr Roberts, Miss Walmesley and Mrs Destro, also thanked for their attendance, had a wonderful bonding trip and look forward to a very successful year ahead.

Go Year 5! 


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