Respect Week 2017

Week 3 was Respect Week at The Banda School. Throughout the week the children took part in themed activities and lessons based on respect.Activities included a classroom display competition, in which classes were assigned a title from the school values and had to create an eye catching classroom display for this title. The displays were judged on Friday and the victorious classes were 6EW and 1SH. All classes arose to the challenge and produced interactive colourful and catchy messages, well done!

Also, during the week, there was an Act of Kindness Competition, designed and orchestrated by Mia Ghir and Seiyia de Merode. Children and teachers picked a name out of a hat and were challenged to complete an act of kindness for that person during the week. It was lovely to hear of children playing with their chosen person, writing them a note or simply giving them a hug!

During PSHE, children learned about strategies to cope with someone being mean to them. They learned the Peace Sign and took part in role play activities to a) not get upset and b) treat person like a friend. This defused the situation and took the bully by surprise, meaning the dominance was taken away from them.

Finally, all children signed the new Anti-Bullying Charter, which is a list of school values, edited by the children, for everyone to follow in school. This will be laminated and displayed in school. The week was completed with a fantastic performance of a respect song, by the junior choir in  assembly. Thank you to Mr Ngare and Miss Bennett for your help in teaching this song. 

The theme of respect is continuously reinforced within The Banda but it was lovely to have a focused week for children to really reflect on the level of respect they show at school.

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