New York, New York

An account by Vera

I have been to New York many times to see my family, but this the most amazing time ever. From getting rained on, to looking at Monet, to playing Nintendo, this has been the best school trip ever!

Day 1

When we arrived, we were given a tour by a man who had a lightsaber. When we got to the hotel, we unpacked, took a shower and put on some fresh clean clothes. Then it was off to Heartland Brewery in the Empire State Building for dinner. We had a wonderful time eating mini pulled pork burgers, nachos, and cookies. Before we had walked in, we had a perfect view of the Empire State Building. It was really tall, as tall as 120 giraffes!

Day 2

We walked everywhere in New York! If we weren't walking, we would have been taking the subway. What fun it was to see the sights, talk and laugh while walking. After breakfast, we walked to the Empire State Building which was probably the tallest building I have ever seen. We gave ourselves a tour, and went up to the observation deck on the eightieth floor. We took pictures of ourselves holding the buildings and saw The Statue of Liberty. Later in the day we went to the theatre where we watched the School of Rock The Musical! Stick It To The Man!

Day 3

We went to a Broadway workshop, called Broadway 101! We were taught by the man who played the chimney sweeper in Mary Poppins The Musical! (Not Dick van Dyke). After the workshop, we got a question and answer with Theo from School of Rock! After that, we went on a Subway train(underground), to the Guggenheim Art Gallery. It is a cylindrical building designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Guggenheim has many famous pieces of art, by artists like Picasso and Monet.

Day 4

Our concert was held at Madison Avenue Atrium. The Atrium is a glass building with really great acoustics. After the concert, we went shopping at Grand Central Terminal! It is a famous subway station that connects cities all over America. After shopping, we went to Planet Hollywood, which had props and costumes from Hollywood movies. Minskoff Theater is where we watched The Lion King, everyone agreed that  it was the best musical we saw.

Day 5

We took the subway to Central Park to the Ground zero 9/11 Memorial. We paid our respects to the people who died during the Twin Towers attack. After the twin towers fell, they built a water structure to pay respects, and engraved the names of the fallen on it. After that, we did our concert at Central Park, inside The Naumberg Band Shell, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech there. After the concert, we did some street drama. Then we were off to Times Square again to Ellen's Stardust Diner. Broadway actors served us and sang while we ate. After the meal we found a nice karaoke centre and we sang our hearts out. Mr. Ammora sang as loud as he could.

Day 6

The Lego shop was amazing, they had Lego sculptures of statues, cats, monkeys, and a massive dragon that ran throughout the shop. After that, we went to the top of the Rockefeller Center (The Rock), which is also a very big building in NY. They host the New York Christmas Tree each year, it is very tall and super beautiful. We then split up into groups, one group went to Nintendo and the other went to H&M. We ended up at an art gallery, called the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). It is full historical items from Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and many others. It hosts the oldest piano in the world made by Bartolomeo Cristofori  and was invented in 1700.

Last Day

After our last breakfast at the Morning Star Cafe, we packed up and were off to the airport. Bye Bye New York City!

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