banda school

A word from the Headmistress

A warm welcome to The Banda. If one looks back and reviews each term annually, one realises just what the children achieve and what fantastic opportunities are presented to the pupils. The Banda provides academic success and a breadth of opportunity inside and outside the classroom as well as ensuring the pupils maintain the highest personal qualities and standards.

Schools are responsible for providing an excellent academic programme but, in addition, it should ensure that this is enriched by a large variety of different activities which allows the pupils to experience a wider curriculum.

As with any school there are ups and downs with results, but should one study The Banda's results over time, one would see that we consistently outstrip expectations - we add value. The Banda pupils achieve more than their starting intellectual ability scores might lead one to expect. When we consider pupils for entry here, we view the whole person, the full range of talents, their strengths and weaknesses.

We do not merely evaluate the academic profile; the palette from which we work is far richer than that. Do we have the best teachers possible to do this? Well, we do have a superb team, but that alone is not it. I believe our success is built upon the opportunities that we offer our young people who start with individual strengths and limitations and who are then encouraged to participate in things that they have not previously encountered. The boys and girls inspire each other to chance their arm, to experiment and to take risks; nothing ventured, nothing gained? This is fully encouraged at The Banda School!

The Banda is committed to a very full all-round education as it is an essential ingredient for success. This, however, can only happen with the total dedication and support of The Banda Staff whether they may be the drivers, caterers, domestic and ground staff, administration, the academic team and also our loyal parental body.

It would be a pleasure to show you around The Banda and I look forward to that opportunity in the near future.

Ali Francombe