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Week 1 Newsletter

"I would like to extend a very warm welcome back to everyone, and in particular to the many new families who have joined The Banda this week. After a busy holiday of building and renovations it has been lovely to see the school buzzing with excited children and happy smiling faces. I am sure you will agree that the school has certainly taken on a new look over the holidays and I am very grateful to all those who have been working so hard to get this completed prior to the start of term."

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Week 2 Newsletter

"I am delighted at how well all of the new pupils and staff have settled into everyday life at The Banda. The days are now getting steadily busier. Yesterday evening we held a very important Internet Safety Workshop, again for parents, in order to communicate the School’s approach to e-safety and provide guidelines for dealing with the dangers of the cyber world. I was delighted to see so many of you attend this workshop."

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Week 3 Newsletter

"We were very proud to welcome back our Year 8 mountaineers yesterday afternoon after a very successful - and extremely challenging - trip up Mt Kenya. I heard some very positive reports of their determination and resilience and my congratulations go to all of them. My thanks go also to Chris Daubney, Emma Withill and Simon Ammora for accompanying the pupils and supporting them on the trip. And well done to the many parents who also successfully made it up the mountain!."

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Week 4 Newsletter

"We received very exciting news yesterday afternoon that our Badminton Trophy Drama teamhad won this year's competition. This involved a group of 10 pupils from the Upper Schoolwho had to produce a performance (with very little teacher intervention) based on this year'schosen theme of 'Dreams'. Our team showed excellent skills of co-operation and were extremely inventive in their ideas. Many congratulations - our third win in the last four years!."

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Week 5 Newsletter

"Congratulations to many of the teams who won their matches against Peponi Prep this week and particularly the under 13 girls who were successful in all their matches. In the cricket, congratulations must go to Bertie Haywood and Ewan van Neikerk who between them scored a run total of 102!."

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Week 6 Newsletter

"Well done those members of the Lower School who performed in Wednesday’s Listen and Play Concert. This was a very enjoyable afternoon (despite the heavy rain!) and there is clearly some emerging talent amongst our younger members of the school.!."

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Week 9 Newsletter

"I must begin by congratulating Andreas Heinel in Year 8 on being awarded an All-Rounder and a Sports Scholarship to Millfield School, UK for September 2018. This is an excellent achievement. Well done, AJ!

I thank the PTA for organising a very successful Heroes’ Day party yesterday evening. I know a great deal of fun was had by the children in the Lower School. This involved an enormous amount of hard work and I would like to convey my sincere appreciation.!"

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Week 10 Newsletter

"It has been a busy week of trips, activities and workshops. I would like to say well done to all of those children who performed in yesterday’s Upper School Informal Concert. The standard of performance was high. I would also like to extend thanks to Ian Brewster who attended this morning’s assembly, in order to explain the reason for poppies at this time of remembrance and the work of the British Legion."

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Week 11 Newsletter

"Congratulations to the many sports teams who have been representing The Banda at various tournaments during the past week. Both the Under 11 and Under 13 girls should be congratulated for their performances in last weekend’s Hillcrest Rounders Tournament."

"Sport also dominated Tuesday, with a lovely Year 1 and 2 Sports Day. The children moved excitedly from one activity to another and thoroughly enjoyed performing in front of their parents."

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Week 12 Newsletter

"I would like to celebrate many outstanding achievements from the past week. I congratulate Amy Grammaticas on being awarded a Sports Exhibition to Malvern College, UK. Also, the 11 scholars who have gained awards to Hillcrest Secondary."

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Week 13 Newsletter

"I was delighted to attend both the Lower School and Pegasus Early Years Christmas Concerts this week. Both were lovely performances and enjoyed by very enthusiastic audiences. Well done to the children, staff and assistants who worked so hard on these."

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Week 14 Newsletter

"We have finally reached the end of a busy, fun and festive term. This week I would like to thank the PTA for providing Tuesday evening’s Upper School disco DJ. Also, Mr Simon Ammora for producing and directing an extremely entertaining staff pantomime."

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