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Week 1 Newsletter

"Despite a rather wet start to the April Term, I am delighted to see an array of happy faces as everyone has settled back into the school routine this week. I hope you all enjoyed a restful holiday. I would like to extend a special welcome to the 20 new children who have joined us this term. I trust that you will very quickly be made to feel ‘at home’."

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Week 2 Newsletter

"The week got off to a lively start with approximately 25 pupils involved in Monday’s Drum Concert. It is encouraging to see so many girls and boys learning to play the drums. The concert was outstanding and I was most impressed by the standard of play, from Year 2 to 8. I was equally impressed (if not a little shocked) when Biko, also took to the drums. Well done to you all!"

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Week 3 Newsletter

"I was incredibly impressed by the stamina and determination of the runners who represented The Banda at St Andrew‟s, Turi last weekend at the IAPS Cross Country Championships. There were some outstanding individual performances and medal winners and the team did extremely well to come second overall, only three and a half points behind the winners. A special „well done‟ should go to Finley Carson who, as an Under 11 boy, ended up running for the Under 13 team and finishing well ahead of many in the age group."

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Week 4 Newsletter

"On Monday the first Banda Golf Tournament took place at Karen Country Club. I was amazed at the standard of play amongst the participating schools. I was delighted that The Banda A team finished 2nd overall and the B team 4th. This was an excellent achievement. Well done to all who played."

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Week 5 Newsletter

"Last weekend’s inter-school Banda Vocal Festival was a great success. The standard of individual performance was outstanding. I did not envy the two independent judges who had an extremely difficult task of finding a winner. Nevertheless, I was extremely proud of Flora Brewster who won ‘Singer of the Year’ and Molly Carroll who gained the award for ‘Most Promising Singer in Years 7 and 8’. Congratulations to Flora, Molly and all of the pupils that took part. I take this opportunity also to thank Emma Withill for organising the event and for her hard work in promoting our vocalists."

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Week 6 Newsletter

"Congratulations to all of our swimmers who took part in the Swimming Championships last weekend. There were many medals won and evidence of some great talent emerging. We also gained a number of victories against Braeburn this week in both Netball and Rugby. I am delighted to see the commitment and determination of all teams. Well done!."

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Week 8 Newsletter

"I am delighted that Year 8 survived their Common Entrance! They should all be commended for their mature and positive attitude throughout the three days and they were clearly well prepared and determined to do their very best."

Week 9 Newsletter

"Last week ended on a high note as the Year 8‟s enjoyed their black tie dinner. Everyone looked stunning and had made such an effort to look so very smart. The guest speaker was the head coach of the Kenya 7s rugby team, Benjamin Ayimba. On Monday morning they left for an adventurous 4 nights at Sagana returning yesterday afternoon to receive their Common Entrance results. Everyone should be extremely proud of their achievements and the results were, as ever, outstanding."

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Week 10 Newsletter

"Last Saturday‟s Banda Netball Tournament was a resounding success, despite the rather wet weather. All teams played with real determination, whilst showing a great deal of enjoyment and sportsmanship. I take this opportunity to thank Amanda Coate who has organised this tournament for the past 27 years. It never fails to run very efficiently and to time. I also extend my thanks to Basco paints who sponsored the event, addressed the teams and presented prizes on the day."

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Week 11 Newsletter

"Congratulations to all those who were selected to represent Nairobi Schools at the Rugby and Netball matches that took place at St. Andrew’s, Turi this week. Also, to those who have represented The Banda in the various Tennis tournaments that took place today. "

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Week 12 Newsletter

"I would like to wish you all a very restful and enjoyable holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in September. Please note that the September Term 2016 starts on Tuesday 6th September."

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