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Week 1 Newsletter

"With the Golden Jubilee fast approaching (2015-2016), I am delighted to announce the launching of the ALUMNI section of the school website. This was activated this week and contains two questionnaires (one for former pupils, the other for former staff). A list of all the Head Boys and Head Girls (dating backto 1966) will shortly be available on this page, as well as other exciting ALUMNI features and events. We have had hundreds of responses from a Facebook initiative and would love to hear from any current parents who are ex Banda pupils."

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Week 2 Newsletter

"The open morning was a success, with all pupils and staff having put their best foot forward to make the school very pleasant for prospective parents to visit. The school hall was creatively laid out by Mrs. Hodson with art work, the center-piece being the portfolios of the Year 8 Art Scholars; Ethan Phillips (Stowe), Elsa Marrian (Hillcrest) and Lily Carroll (Royal Hospital School). There was a lavish buffet of delicious hors d'oeuvre prepared and displayed ever so beautifully by Mala. Despite the rain, the teachers and prefects who helped to do the show rounds remained cheerful and enthusiastic and at the end of their visit, all our guests expressed their delight at being in such a warm and happy school."

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Week 3 Newsletter

"Ella Cottar is representing Kenya at the CANA Swimming championships in Angola this week. The championships include the best national swimmers from countries in southern and eastern Africa. Ella is in 10 races and as of Thursday had achieved personal bests in all of her races and missed out on a medal in the 50m breaststroke by 25 milliseconds. We wish Ella the best of luck for the remainder of the competition. Ella is being supported by Slavica Latinovic, The Banda coach."

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Week 4 Newsletter

"Congratulations to everyone who took part in The IAPS Cross-Country Championships last weekend at St. Andrews'. It was a truly fantastic event and our runners were absolutely superb! All their hardwork and dedication to training clearly paid off as they cruised around the course in front of their counterparts. Our results were excellent and each child gave it their absolute all for the good of the team. We came second overall, narrowly missing out first place by just a handfuls of points. Everyone that took part should be extremely proud of themselves!"

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Week 5 Newsletter

"The accelerated Year 7 and Year 8 sets sat the International Gauss Test set by the University of Waterloo, Toronto. They had to tackle 20 course based questions and 5 similar to the above question in an hour. This is the second year that The Banda has taken part in this Maths challenge. Special mention must go to the Year 7 students, Mary McGreevy, Leo Haywood and Batheal Ayisi who took the first three places overall."

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Week 7 Newsletter 

"On Saturday 23rd May The Banda participated in Peponi Chamber Festival involving 6 BCSK schools with a mixed instruments and guitar ensemble. It was an enjoyable and inspiring morning. Well done to all who participated."

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Week 8 Newsletter 

"Year 8 returned yesterday afternoon to receive their Common Entrance results. There is no other word to describe these, other than outstanding. Every child gained entry to their first choice school. All of the pupils in Year 8 should be congratulated for their hard work during their time at The Banda. The staff and I are extremely proud of all that you have done." 

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Week 9 Newsletter

"There is a busy buzz at The Banda this week as we enter the final two weeks of term. I have had some extraordinary compliments paid by visiting Heads from the UK, all of whom comment on the overwhelming friendliness and warmth here at the school, alongside the engaging, confident pupils. I felt very proud indeed."

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Week 10 Newsletter

"Pirates of the Curry Bean was 2015's Year 5 and 6 play. A hilarious tale of sea voyages, pirates and sailors, the main parts were played by our Year 6 students, ably supported by Year 5. Tuesday's performance went off without a hitch with showstopping performances from many of our students. Plum Minns and Oliver Ravenhill particularly impressed the audience with their comic timing and booming voices, whilst Isabella Sugden, Leah Andrade, Gwen Anderson and Finn Grammaticas took on the main roles to hold the story together. Molly Carroll also made a fabulous pirate captain!"

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