Our 2015 January Term School Newsletter | The Banda

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Week 1 Newsletter

"I am delighted to see everyone happily settled back at The Banda and already incredibly busy. The weather has been lovely, but it is very hot indeed. We are encouraging children to drink plenty and sun hats are an absolute must."

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Week 2 Newsletter

"As we come to the end of the second week, hockey practices, early morning running, LAMDA and all extra-curricular activities are underway and as popular as ever.

Today’s French Day has soaked us all in the language and culture of France and I am delighted to see so many enter the spirit of the day by dressing up."

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Week 3 Newsletter

"As I write, we are awaiting the return of the Year 6 trip from Naivasha. I understand everyone has had a hugely enjoyable time, with a trip into Hell's Gate and a climb to the top of Mount Longonot. This trip is only one of those available for the children throughout their time at The Banda. After a very successful skiing expedition to Italy in December, preparations are now underway for the Year 7 trip to Naro Moru, the Under 13 Boys and Girls' Hockey Tour to UK, as well as the Under 13 IAPS Rugby Tour to Rosslyn Park, UK - all taking place this term."

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Week 4 Newsletter

"As we come to the end of a very hot and busy week, full of hard work, sport, trips and examinations, there is a very positive and enthusiastic buzz around the school. I was honoured to show Jonathan Leigh, Headmaster of Marlborough College and his wife, Emma around The Banda on Wednesday morning. They thoroughly enjoyed their time with us and I do believe Mr Leigh summed up the character of The Banda in a subsequent communication to me: “The pupils and staff are so evidently at ease in the most productive possible way.”

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Week 5 Newsletter

"Last weekend kicked off with the PTA Quiz Night at Karen Blixen. It was fantastic to see so many parents and ex parents involved and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I would like to thank the PTA for their efficient organisation and Steve Winchester for putting the quiz together."

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 Week 6 Newsletter

"Today we welcome back our Year 7 pupils from a successful and enjoyable trip to Naro Moru. Thanks go to all those who attended the screening of the documentary, ‘Virunga’ at The Banda last night, and we wish the film every success at the forthcoming Oscars ceremony next weekend."

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Week 8 Newsletter

"Congratulations go to Ethan Phillips on gaining an Art Scholarship to Stowe School and to Milton Abbey, UK. Also to Lily Carroll, Zoe Neylan and Nicola Kranck who all gained Kenya Awards to the Royal Hospital School, UK. Lily was also awarded an Art Scholarship and Zoe an Art Commendation. Bryan Skaper has been awarded an Academic Scholarship to Hillcrest Secondary. This means that of the 7 scholarship candidates to Hillcrest, all were successful in gaining an award. These are excellent achievements and I congratulate you all!"

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Week 9 Newsletter

"This has been another successful week for one of our Year 8 scholarship pupils, Rory Root, who has been awarded an All-Round Award to Glenalmond, Scotland. Well done, Rory!"

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Week 10 Newsletter

"Many congratulations to Nicole Kranck who has been awarded the All-Rounder Scholarship in Combined Arts to Clayesmore, UK. I am delighted, too that yesterday the Under 9 boys won the Hillcrest Under 9 Hockey Festival. There were some exciting matches for both the girls and boys and I was most impressed by the emerging talent."

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Week 11 Newsletter

"Well done to our swimmers at this week’s BOATS. Tamara and Rory won Bewers and Geddes. Duma won the Inter-House Swimming Gala and the House Shout"

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Week 12 Newsletter

"Congratulations go to Ella Cottar who has qualified to represent Kenya in the International Swimming Gala CANA Zone 3 & 4 of Africa in Angola which takes place from the 4th - 9th May 2015.

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