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Our Preparatory School’s French Department | The Banda


French is taught in an engaging and vibrant way from Year 2 to Year 8. We always attempt to create an authentic French-only classroom with our pupils having to using French to communicate about every aspect of classroom life.  With a multi-cultural school embracing 34+ nationalities the diversity of French abilities and access to basic grammatical understanding of a language is encouraging.  

From Year 2 French lessons are always fun with songs, rhymes, games and iPAD learning opportunities to match each pupil's pace.  As the acquisition of the French vocabulary increases in both spoken and written French, equal value is placed upon reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  In the Upper School our pupils are regularly assessed in these areas as they are prepared for Level 1 or 2 Common Entrance French.  

Our Common Entrance results remain extremely positive.  With the higher tier paper (Level 2) 45% of our pupils received an A*-A grade with a 90% pass rate.  80% of our pupils passed the Level 1 paper.   

A French themed Day is a tradition at The Banda.  All our pupils and staff (and often the parents) from Pegasus Early Years through the Lower and Upper School immerse themselves fully in the spirit of the day which sees all lessons taking a French theme as well as the menu and always with some very passionate and tres chic outfits.  Ooh la la!