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Our Preparatory School’s Staff List | The Banda

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School Management

Chairman of The Board: Mr. D. G. M. Hutchison

Headmistress: Mrs. A. Francombe B.Ed. Hons. (Exeter)

Director of Communication & Development; Learning Support: Mrs. K. Morey NPQH, M.A. (Middlesex) Dip SPLD (Dyslexia)

Bursar: Mr. M. Fernandes

Director of ICT: Mr. I. Mbuthia M.Sc. IT (Strathmore), AIMIS, CCNA, CEH

Senior Leadership Team

Headmistress: Mrs. A. Francombe B.Ed. Hons. (Exeter)

Head of Lower School: Mrs. A. Gardiner B. Ed. (Cambridge)

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mrs. L. Haywood B.A. Hons. (Newcastle), PGCE (Kingston); English, Drama

Director of Co-Curricular: Mr. C. Daubney B.Sc Hons. (De Mont Fort), PGCE (Canterbury); Head of Geography

Head of Pegasus Early Years: Mrs. J. Dowd B.Sc. Hons. (Manchester), PGCE (Sunderland)

Upper School

Mrs. O. Abbonizio B. Sc. (Loughborough), PGCE (Buckingham); *Girls' Games 

Mr. B. Adema B.Com MIS (Daystar); Boys' Games

Mr. S. Ammora B.A. Hons., QTS, Eng & Drama; *Drama, English

Miss L. Aura M.A. (Nairobi), B.Com (Strathmore); Games, PE

Mr. M. Dams B.A. Hons. (Leeds); *Boys' Games, Physical Education

Miss. G. Harrison B.A. Hons. (Leeds); English, Mathematics & Pastoral Leader Years 7 & 8

Miss S. Hockey B.A. Hons. Geography (Exeter), PGCE (Sunderland); *PSHEE, Geography, Mathematics

Miss S. Latinovic PE University Degree, Physio & Swimming Degree; Swimming Coach

Mrs. K. Lewis-Nicholl B.Sc Science and ICT with QTS; *Science

Mr. B. Macharia B.Sc. Hons. Computer Studies, (Sunderland) IMIS Dip; *Computing, Religious Studies & Pastoral Leader Years 5 & 6

Mr. J. Ngare B. Ed. Hons. (Kenyatta) MMUS (Kenyatta); *Music

Mr. P. Nthiga B. Ed. Hons (Kenyatta); Physical Education

Mrs. J. Shihemi B.Ed. Hons. (Kenyatta), B.A. / M.A. (Rouen France); French, Kiswahili

Mrs. K. Sweetnam B. Sc. Hons. (University of Liverpool), PGCE(London); Science & Mathematics 

Madame G. Suter Dip. French as a Foreign Language (Paris);*French 

Miss A. Walmesley M.A. History (Edinburgh), PGCE; *English, Art 

Mr. P. Walsh B.A. (Double Maths) Dip. Ed (Cambridge); *Mathematics

Mr. R. Wilson B. Sc. (Bristol), MA, OTS; *History 

Miss E. Withill B.A. Hons (Durham), PGCE (Durham), Music; Co-ordinator of Performing Arts, Music, Drama

Miss N. Yates B.A. (Middlesex), PGCE (University of West England); *Art & Design & Technology


Lower School

Year 4 : Miss T. Sheehy B.A. (Ireland), PGCE (Ireland)

Year 4: Mr. D. Sitoki B. Ed. (Nairobi)

Year 4: Miss L. Bewers B.A. (Wales), PGCE(Birmingham)

Year 3 & Academic Co-ordinator KS1 and 2: Miss C. Smith B.Sc. Hons. (Royal Holloway), PGCE (BEC), MA (Education)

Year 3: Miss E. Ng'ang'a B.Ed. Second Class (Upper Division)

Year 3: Miss. K. Bennett Dip. in Teaching & Learning (Cambridge) & Dip. SEN

Year 2 & Key Stage 1 Leader: Miss L. Cuthbert B.Sc. Hons. (Edinburgh), PGCE (London)

Year 2: Mrs. S. Muigai B.A. Hons. Ed. Studies & Child Development (Greenwich)

Year 2: Mrs. J. Ogamba Dip. Ed (KHA)

Year 1: Miss. G. Kilonzi KHA Nursery Certificate 

Year 1: Mrs. R. Najmi B.COM (Madras University), KHA Diploma B. Com

Year 1: Mrs. S. Haq E.C.I. Dip

Computing: Mrs. M. Mwaura ICT Cert.


Pegasus Early Years

Reception & Head of Pegasus Early Years: Mrs. J. Dowd B.Sc. Hons. (Manchester), PGCE (Sunderland)

Reception: Mrs. T. McVey P.G. Dip. (London), PCGE (England) B.Sc Hons. (Leicester)

Reception: Miss E. Gatumuta KHA Dip. Ed

Nursery 2: Miss E. Wang'ondu Diploma KHA, B.A. Social Science Sociology (CUEA)

Nursery 2: Miss. N. Maina KHA Diploma

Nursery 1: Miss K. Millar Montessori Diploma (Bournemouth)

Nursery 1: Miss C. Mwangi 

Learning Support

Mrs. C. Viljoen Dip. SpLD Dyslexia (Hornsby)*

Miss. M. Were B.Ed. Special Education

Miss T. Chaggar Montessori Diploma, KHA Diploma in SEN

Mrs. M. Destro Dip. Dyslexia

Mr. V. Kefa B. Ed. (Arts) (Kenyatta University)

Classroom Assistants

Lydia (PPP)

Maureen (PPP)

Peris (PPP)

Deborah (PPP)

Sarah (PPP)

Anna (PPP)

Pauline (PPP)

Mildred (PPP)

Margaret (Year 2)

Administration Staff

Chairman's PA and Human Resources Manager: Ms. J. Nyoike

Head's PA and Registrar: Mrs. S. Brown

Bursar's Secretary: Mrs. J. Kamau

School Nurse: Mrs. D. Wakapa

Catering Manageress: Mrs. M. Behal

ICT Infrastructure Manager: Mr. R. Musau

Network Administrator: Mr.S. Olwal

Head of Security: Mr. W. Juma

Librarian: Mrs. C. Macharia

Marketing Manager: Ms. D. Murungu

Accountant: Mr. G. Maina